UPA Pictures

Pair of Shorts - Theatrical animated short, Columbia Pictures, Designer
CBS Show - TV Series, Designer/Layout
Arabian Nights - Mr. Magoo feature film, Layout

Pintoff Studio

Violinist - Theatrical animated short, Animation director/designer

TV Cartoons, London

Power Train - Documentary, Director
Insects - Theatrical animated short, Director/Writer/Producer
Mr. Know How - Documentary, Gas Council, Director
Safety First - Documentary, Coal Board, Director
Charlie - Theatrical animated short, Director/Writer
Story of an Animated Commercial - Promotional film, Director/Writer/Producer
Heavy Metal - Feature Film, Title Sequence Director
Snowman - TV Special, Channel Four, Supervising Director
When the Wind Blows - Animated Feature film, Director
Lion, Witch and Wardrobe - TV series, BBC, Animation Director

Murakami Wolf Films

The Top - Theatrical animated short, Director/Writer/Producer
And of Course You - Documentary, USIA/NASA, Director/Writer/Producer
Breath - Theatrical animated Short, Director/Writer/Producer
George the People - Documentary, USIA, Director/Writer/Producer
Magic Pear Tree - Theatrical animated short

Murakami Films Dublin

Bullet - Theatrical animated short, Director/Writer/Producer
Passing - Theatrical animated short, Director/Writer/Producer

Quateru Film Ltd.

Urbanus - Pilot for TV series, Director/Producer
Uncle Birthday - Pilot for TV series, Director/Producer


When The Wind Blows - Animated Feature Film, Director
The Good Friend - Theatrical animated short, American Film Institute, Director/Writer/Producer
Red Barron - Live action feature film, Aerial Director/Associate Producer
Battle beyond the Stars - Live action feature film, Director
The Pearl Fishers - Animated TV Special, Sequence Director
Oi Get off our Train - Animated TV Special, BBC Bristol/TVC-Varga, Director
Easter Story Keepers - Animated TV series & feature film, Shepherd Films\Zondervan\Fox TV, Director
Christmas Carol-The Movie - Animated feature film, Illuminated Films, Director

Alegro Animation Ltd.
(Murakami Production Company)

Inspector Mouse - TV series, 26 x 26 minutes, Director, PMMP.

Projects in Development

Merlin - Animated feature film, Director\Writer\Producer